Have you felt a call from God on your life that has overwhelmed you? Confused you? Excitement to be a part of God’s plan can run alongside great emotional angst that it can’t be done. Not enough time, overwhelming volume, insecurity that you’re not good enough. I’ve been there – in fact I was there last week. This kind of discouragement can weasel its way into our multi-tasking lives of parenting, work, friendships, and more. It steals energy, dampens joy, and confuses calling. We need something beyond ourselves – Jesus.

When Jesus calls us we’re not left to fulfill His purposes on our own. When Simon was called, Christ immediately changed Simon’s name to Peter, meaning rock. Peter’s life would exemplify fundamental spiritual strength in the Lord. Notice that Peter’s name wasn’t changed at the end of His life after he had proven to Jesus that he was faithful to the call. Peter’s name was changed at the start of his ministry because Christ was about to prove Himself faithful to the call. The promise to his disciples? I – will – make – you (Matthew 4:19). Simply put – we will not make ourselves. What sweet relief! Jesus Christ Himself calls us by name and promises to be the One who makes us. Our callings do not evidence how fabulous we are, our callings evidence God’s grace in using us just as we are, for purposes beyond what we are.

So now, our clear inadequacies become the very spaces through which Christ will move His mighty, resurrected power! Amid the stress we’re given the freedom to put down our To Do lists and pick up His Word to know and connect with Him. In light of His life the burden falls off our shoulders as we rest in His promised strength to make both us and our callings into what He intends.