Bunny rabbits sniffing through tall grass in spring. Kids excitedly hunting for eggs. Chocolate. Easter is the happy holiday that’s big enough to mark our calendars with days-off, yet somehow falls short of the grand-scale glitter of Christmas.

It combines broad concepts of new life with holiday cuteness that can easily blur what we’re truly celebrating. Yet, when we dig beneath the newness of hatching chicks into the new life of Jesus, we discover that Easter celebrates great power and immense scope. While Christmas celebrates Jesus’s coming to earth, Easter celebrates His triumph over death.

There are three ways that Easter celebrates our being raised from death to life. Surrendering our lives to Jesus not only moves our eternal destiny from death to life but launches us in a new trajectory to living risen lives.

  1. To ‘live risen’ is to know Jesus because we stand in the new identity His gives.
  2. To ‘live risen’ is to change our behaviour because our new identity impacts our choices.
  3. To ‘live risen’ is to long for the future because we seek a home with Jesus that’s unbroken and unending.

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