The aim of any speaking event is to help people grasp biblical truth so that they encounter Christ more deeply and apply wisdom long-term. Messages are most often approached exegetically and seek to speak to the heart  – explaining theological concepts with depth, using clarifying illustrations and practical application points, as well as emphasizing Christ in the specific text and the larger biblical narrative.

Andrea prefers to accept speaking engagements that focus on the Bible study material that she’s already researching for her writing. In effort to prioritize her family and local community, Andrea’s non-local speaking events are limited so connecting early may be helpful.

Hope to meet soon!

“Engaging a teen audience can be a challenge, but Andrea captivated their attention. She drew them in by sharing a personal story, and very clearly pointed to Jesus. A number of students commented after on how much they appreciated her speaking. Andrea’s love for the Lord is evident in the way that she so naturally speaks truth about him in a way that is so relevant to our lives.” Megan, Spiritual Life Associate

Andrea lives authentically, driven by a love for God and others. She uses her talent for writing and speaking to make the Bible come alive and connect to personal experiences.”  Organizer, Bethany Community Church

“Your hard work, gifting, and skills blessed our women. So many commented on how much they enjoyed the biblical teaching and what the Lord laid on your heart” Miranda Webster, First Baptist Church

MOST REQUESTED 2019 MESSAGES. Living in the Completeness of Christ (Colossians 2). Finding Ultimate Rest for our Souls (Ruth 3). Our True & Royal Identity (Ruth 4). Timeless Grace (Titus 2). God’s Unfailing, Unstopping Plans (Exodus 1). The 10 Commandments of Grace (Exodus 20). Getting what we Beg For (Mark 8). An Accessible Jesus (Mark 15). Living the Word to Guard His Holiness (Amos). Forgiveness & Reconciliation (Selected texts). Non-Fiction Writing Workshop.


Thrilled to meet! Fill in as much info as you have, and be sure to check your spam mail if you haven’t heard from someone in 1-2 weeks.