The aim of any speaking event is to help people grasp the life and work of Jesus more clearly through the explanation and application of biblical truth. Using a personable approach, messages are most often approached exegetically, grounded in the larger biblical narrative, use clarifying illustrations, and seek to impact heart change.

“Andrea’s love for God is evident as someone who has spent time diligently studying and
intimately connecting with God’s living words and who has again been awed at God’s
great redemptive story. As a speaker, her passion to invite her audience into a deeper
glimpse of the glory of Christ by carefully unpacking the Scripture and her efforts to
engagingly communicate and clarify the life transforming message of God’s grace to us
in Jesus Christ have caused hearts to be both encouraged and challenged.
Andrea is real and she seeks for women to find real life and true satisfaction in Christ.”
Lisa, Mission City Bible Church

“Engaging a teen audience can be a challenge, but Andrea captivated their attention. She drew them in by sharing a personal story, and very clearly pointed to Jesus. A number of students commented after on how much they appreciated her speaking. Andrea’s love for the Lord is evident in the way that she so naturally speaks truth about him in a way that is so relevant to our lives.” Megan, Spiritual Life Associate

Andrea lives authentically, driven by a love for God and others. She uses her talent for writing and speaking to make the Bible come alive and connect to personal experiences.”  Louisa, Bethany Community Church

“Your hard work, gifting, and skills blessed our women. So many commented on how much they enjoyed the biblical teaching and what the Lord laid on your heart.” Miranda, First Baptist Church

MOST REQUESTED Messages/ Podcasts

Rejoicing in Suffering (A Series through Philippians 1-4). Understanding Biblical Forgiveness. The importance & reliability of the Bible. Living in the Completeness of Christ (Colossians 2). Finding Ultimate Rest for our Souls (Ruth 3). Our True & Royal Identity (Matthew 1). Timeless Grace (Titus 2). God’s Unfailing, Unstopping Plans (Exodus 1). The 10 Commandments of Grace (Exodus 20). Coming as Beggars (Mark 8). An Accessible Jesus (Mark 15). Living the Word to Guard His Holiness (Amos). Non-Fiction Writing Workshop for aspiring Christian writers/ social media contributors.

Advance booking is recommended as scheduling is limited.  


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