Why Displaying The Gospel Helps Kids Better Understand Grace

For many years I found myself overwhelmed with the unyielding stress of creating godly character in my kids. Have you ever felt burdened to create something good in those that look up to you? The pressure to produce godliness fought mercilessly with my failure to be holy until God released me one day through an… read more

Celebrating the Son

It was one year ago that an unexpected accident amputated portions of both of my son’s hands. One year ago that my emotions barked back at my theology. I thought about family and friends who’d suffered much worse and marveled at the power and goodness of Christ who’d enabled them to move forward in despair.… read more

God’s Sovereignty Brings Hope in Despair

The sovereignty of God empowers us. The reason that we will not be tempted beyond our ability during trials is because the source of our strength is not our own but Christ’s (1 Corinthians 10:13). God not only reigns over the grand storyline of humanity but is sovereign over our personal life details. Click below… read more


I didn’t mean to raise sinners and goofballs…it kinda just happened. Have you ever tried to live your life striving toward a false ideal? Perfectly pressed shirts match wide grins on family faces. Kids who consistently self-motivate to kindness and chores. A prayerful mom with endless energy to churn out meals and apple pies for… read more

Is She a Fool?

Is she a fool whose FEET exhaust in bringing freedom to the foolish? Is she a fool whose TIME relinquishes pleasure to invest in the unpopular and banter with the simple? Is she a fool whose TALENTS find use in stays so lonely that no visible reward is granted for the effort? Is she a… read more

The Different Kind of Miraculous

We long for change that is miraculous. Disability reversed. Relationships reunited. Stressors removed. Have you ever longed so badly for your circumstances to change that your body ached? We’ve all heard about stories that defy medical logic and are profound manifestations of God’s authority over creation. When we feel the entrapment of ongoing pain we… read more