Soul Rest

Today was a beautiful day – the kind that strikes a glory chord in the heavens above and in my heart below. The colours outside are gorgeously muted and contrast the vibrancy of the spiritual colours that are alive within my heart because this morning I witnessed a new spiritual life enter into the deep… read more

The Promised Love Of God

In February I attended a Valentine’s Day Tea event hosted by my son’s elementary school class. One by one each student stood up at the front and recited what their idea of ‘love’ was. Cleaning up my toys. Cuddling my mommy. Not picking my nose in front of company! More. A common thread between each… read more

Feeling Lost

Happy New Year everyone! To my pre-existing subscribers, you can jump to the next paragraph for my newest blog that was published today on Feeling Lost. A very WARM welcome to my NEW subscribers – I know that there are literally hundreds of you and I’m so glad that you are here! Your time is… read more

6 Reasons To Study The Bible & 7 Excuses We Make

The Bible is the world’s best-selling book, has been translated into over 200 languages, and is the foundational text of Western civilization. When we look at the life transformation this book has had on a global scale, our attention should peak. So why does Bible study feel so difficult? Read more at The Gospel Coalition.

We Have This Hope

Life can feel overwhelming – global terror steals inner security, relational upheaval punches fragile hearts, exhaustion from routine dampens joy. Viktor Frankel, a now-deceased neurologist and psychiatrist, noticed that more Jews died in concentration camps after a holiday like Christmas compared to other times of the year. His answer as to why? A loss of hope. Read more… read more

When Waiting Is Hard

Living in perpetual unfairness is exhausting. The agony of waiting not only lies in the nature of the pain itself but also in the unknown duration that we are forced to endure it. Have you ever felt frustrated while you’ve waited for God to change your circumstances? Read more by clicking the rest of the… read more

God's call

The Relief Of God’s Call On Your Life

Have you felt a call from God on your life that has overwhelmed you? Excitement to be a part of God’s plan can run alongside great emotional angst that it can’t be done. Not enough time, overwhelming volume, insecurity that you’re not good enough. I’ve been there – in fact I was there last week.… read more

The Failure Of Happily Ever After

Our hearts can easily fill with exciting life ambition. A fascinating career. Healthy, happy kids. You fill in the blank. But what happens when wombs remain barren and mental illness strikes? When the resume doesn’t land an interview and our children make horrible choices in high school? Is it not mildly aggravating that the Author… read more

Why Displaying The Gospel Helps Kids Better Understand Grace

For many years I found myself overwhelmed with the unyielding stress of creating godly character in my kids. Have you ever felt burdened to create something good in those that look up to you? The pressure to produce godliness fought mercilessly with my failure to be holy until God released me one day through an… read more

Celebrating the Son

It was one year ago that an unexpected accident amputated portions of both of my son’s hands. One year ago that my emotions barked back at my theology. I thought about family and friends who’d suffered much worse and marveled at the power and goodness of Christ who’d enabled them to move forward in despair.… read more