The Relief Of God’s Call On Your Life

Have you felt a call from God on your life that has overwhelmed you? Confused you? Excitement to be a part of God’s plan can run alongside great emotional angst that it can’t be done. Not enough time, overwhelming volume, insecurity that you’re not good enough. I’ve been there – in fact I was there… read more

Seen by God (Devotional)

Have you ever felt ‘unseen’…by God? I’m not sure where you are at this moment – feeling worn, uncertain or disappointed. Perhaps mediocre, pained, or you-fill-in-the-blank. It makes sense for us to long for miraculous change when life feels flat or desires are left unmet. Mental illness. Pandemics. Loneliness. More. Does God actually see us… read more


The regretful thirst for it. Wounded hearts resist it. Many misunderstand it. How about you? Does your shame haunt and extinguish your peace? Is bitterness tiring and tearing your heart? Forgiveness – its suggestion may feel offensive, unnatural and quickly soak a face with tears.  Shame. Abuse. Time lost and despair gained. Its relevance is… read more

When Fear Goes Viral

Life is full of ‘firsts.’ Relationships. Milestones. Defeats. Delights. I was admittedly caught off guard by encountering my last first– communal fear. Before it hit my own community, the fear phenomenon seemed more of a rumor than reality. Fear – it’s an emotional response that can replicate itself uncontrollably alongside the physical contagion that it… read more

PODCAST (HopeStreamRadio) WHY Study The Bible?

There’s so many reasons that we can give for NOT studying the Bible, but today we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why we SHOULD! I mean, it’s essential, it’s doable, and awesome! Listen in as Andrea and Ron chat about the Bible and why we should dig into it during… read more

When Waiting Is Hard

Living in perpetual unfairness is exhausting. The agony of waiting not only lies in the nature of the pain itself but also in the unknown duration that we are forced to endure it. Have you ever felt frustrated while you’ve waited for God to change your circumstances? Read more by clicking the rest of the… read more