Some pairing work well together. Peanut butter and jam. Eggs and bacon. Soap and water. How about joy and suffering? It’s the kind of blend that evokes good questions and honest reactions. Even in pain, can joy still rise? Together, we’ll be led by Philippians to discover the mindset that shaped Christ’s entire life and… read more

The Meaning of Easter

Bunny rabbits sniffing through tall grass in spring. Kids excitedly hunting for eggs. Chocolate. Easter is the happy holiday that’s big enough to mark our calendars with days-off, yet somehow falls short of the grand-scale glitter of Christmas. It combines broad concepts of new life with holiday cuteness that can easily blur what we’re truly… read more

The Relief Of God’s Call On Your Life

Have you felt a call from God on your life that has overwhelmed you? Confused you? Excitement to be a part of God’s plan can run alongside great emotional angst that it can’t be done. Not enough time, overwhelming volume, insecurity that you’re not good enough. I’ve been there – in fact I was there… read more

Seen by God (Devotional)

Have you ever felt ‘unseen’…by God? I’m not sure where you are at this moment – feeling worn, uncertain or disappointed. Perhaps mediocre, pained, or you-fill-in-the-blank. It makes sense for us to long for miraculous change when life feels flat or desires are left unmet. Mental illness. Pandemics. Loneliness. More. Does God actually see us… read more

Beholding God’s glory replaces fear with intimate joy.

This article was originally published in the December 2020 Edition of Back to the Bible magazine. A hero dangles on a fatal precipice. A fiery explosion in a quiet village. Foreboding music with a stalking shark. Movies can open with astonishing acts that grab our attention and hook us in. The angelic announcement that launches… read more

Is the Bible reliable?

Many people question all sorts of things about the reliability of the Biblical Canon – how can we trust the gospel books about Jesus’ life to be accurate? What is the relevance of OT and NT books? How can believers bank their lives on this book?  To continue reading on the Back To The Bible… read more

3 Lies That Trap Us In Shame And Make Us Feel Unforgiven.

“Everyone makes mistakes.” “Just get over it.” “Let it go.” Well-meaning attempts to soothe our guilt can often feel shallow and ineffective. Yet what do we do when guilt nags at us and pats-on-the-back don’t help? When shame from hidden sin buries us and makes relief seem impossible? When prayers to God for forgiveness don’t seem… read more

PODCAST (Compel) Is God’s Word trustworthy?

Can we rely on God’s Word? How does the Bible shape us? What stops us from engaging? The lovely women at Compel – Ethnos Canada invited me to chat about these sorts of honest questions on their latest podcast. You can listen in here!