“The Bible is not the light of the world, it is the light of the church…The world does not read the Bible, the world reads Christians. You are the light of the world.”      Charles Spurgeon

Throughout history, Scripture is the primary and most trusted way that Christ reveals Himself to the world. Ever notice how life experiences can be heightened through greater understanding? A sports match becomes more exciting to watch when we know the rules of play. Worship music can impact us more powerfully when the majestic sound connects with lyrics that we grasp. Our personal experience of Christ connects to the depth of our understanding about who He actually is.


AMOS - Come Awake!

Welcome to Amos – a book that jolts the church from her spiritual slumber and demands a clear response. The prophet Amos does not come to us with a message packaged in soft whispers and gentle hugs, but with loud, bellowing warning alarms. His message describes the sinful habits of the Israelite people who mirror with frightening similarity the Christian community today. They have consistently nurtured sins and ignored warnings of certain doom. An earthquake is but two years away and God is knocking on the hearts of His people. Will anybody open the door and let Him in?

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RUTH - Redeeming The Darkness

Have you ever felt like God has left you? Struggled with feelings of bitterness? Hopelessness? RUTH – Redeeming The Darkness is an in-depth, Jesus-focused Bible study about how Christ redeems the ugliest forms of darkness that can lurk within and around us. The book of Ruth is one of the most exquisitely written love stories ever penned – love between a mother and daughter-in-law, love between a man and a woman, the pursuing, redemptive, unyielding, committed love of God for us. You see, the book of Ruth is unlike any other book of the Bible. It’s a little story with a grand-scale message whose characters are supposed to be relatable and whose storyline is intended to engage us. God is in control when our feelings and circumstances seem out of control. He is faithful when we are unfaithful. He explodes purpose, hope, and redemption into our darkest pain and everyday frustrations.
So come expectantly, and settle into your seat prayerfully – the orchestra is cued, and curtain of God’s theatrical story is pulling back for Scene 1…

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“I have completed a lot of bible studies over the years, but few have grabbed my attention as quickly and held it as powerfully as ‘Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness’. Andrea guides through the book of Ruth and takes them straight to the cross. This study will grow your appreciation for the Word of God, increase your competency in handling the Word of God, and bless your heart. It is my joy to recommend ‘Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness’ as a powerful tool to aid you in your study of God’s Word.” Stacey Weeks, author of Glorious Surrender

“Using beautifully descriptive, poetic language, Andrea does a masterful job of plumbing the depths of both the historical context and modern-day parallels and applications. Its message is both surprising and incredibly encouraging to those of us who find ourselves much like Ruth – pursuing ordinary lives in the midst of God’s great Love Story.” Bible study participant

“As the vivid picture of Naomi reveals your own feelings of hopelessness, bitterness, and despair, you will be captivated by a love story that becomes your own.” Bible study participant