“It is a snare to imagine that God wants to make us perfect specimens of what He can do;
God’s purpose is to make us one with Himself…”
– Oswald Chambers

Andrea is a wife, mom of three, a therapist (MSc), and a Christian writer/ speaker who is passionate to see lives transformed by encountering Jesus through His Word. Her writing has been recognized by national and international writing awards seeking to identify today’s best upcoming Christian writers. As she writes and speaks for a variety of international and interdenominational groups, she does not necessarily align herself with every theological aspect of every group she writes/ speaks for. Her expository Hope Rising Bible Series helps participants grasp and apply the Old Testament through a Jesus-centred, New Testament lens. Her speaking on podcasts, radio, and at live events has been described as engaging, deeply biblical, and reliably Christ-centred.



I’m so glad we’ve connected! Meet me – an everyday person just like you – longing to live intentionally, experience joy, and just stay alert most of the time. I’m a wife, mom to three littles, a therapist and a writer.

I’ve got one hubby and three kiddos in my fam – I drink lattes at Starbs and am teased mercilessly for shortening words and adding the Canadian, eh? onto too many sentences, eh? I’m the parent on the sidelines yelling a little too loud for the home team, but also love to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea on a rainy day … or any day. I love my family and friends – the whole messy lot of them – and how every mistake we make births another opportunity for grace. The same Jesus who spoke creation into life wants to speak life into our broken pieces now.

I love God’s Word so deeply because He’s the only trustworthy One who offers real hope and redemption for our eternal futures and everyday realities. We devote ourselves to His Word not because we love words but because we love the One whom the words reveal. So let’s bring our authentic selves to meet the living Jesus who wants to move in honest places like yours and mine.

MOST REQUESTED 2019 MESSAGES.  Living in the Completeness of Christ (Colossians 2). Finding Ultimate Rest for our Souls (Ruth 3). Our True & Royal Identity (Matthew 1). Timeless Grace (Titus 2). God’s Unfailing, Unstopping Plans (Exodus 1). The 10 Commandments of Grace (Exodus 20). Getting what we Beg for  (Mark 8). An Accessible Jesus (Mark 15). Living the Word to Guard His Holiness (Amos). Forgiveness & Reconciliation (Selected texts). Non-Fiction Writing Workshop.

Andrea’s speaking is limited in effort to maintain a healthy family life balance. Booking well ahead is recommended.

I BELIEVE that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one triune God. I believe that when Jesus came to earth He was both fully human and fully divine. I believe that He lived a perfect life, paid the death penalty for my sin, conquered death by rising from the grave and is now seated undefeated in heaven. I believe that I have personally received His awesome mercy and grace – Jesus’ presence and power redeem my everyday moments and future eternity. I believe that one day every person will bow before God who will judge all humankind. I believe that I will spend eternity with God, and with people representing all nations who have also been saved from the penalty, power and presence of sin. I believe that the Bible alone is the complete, infallible truth of God that actively speaks to everyday people like you and I today.