Come Awake!

Welcome to AMOS – a book that jolts the church from her spiritual slumber and demands a clear response. The prophet Amos does not come to us with a message packaged in soft whispers and gentle hugs, but with loud, bellowing warning alarms. AMOS – Come Awake! describes the sinful habits of the Israelite people who mirror with frightening similarity the Christian community today. They have consistently nurtured sins and ignored warnings of certain doom. An earthquake is but two years away and God is knocking on the hearts of His people. Will anybody open the door and let Him in?  Bulk orders may be available for churches to order during the pandemic. Contact Andrea for details.  


Andrea is a wife, mom of three, a therapist (MSc), and a writer/ speaker. She is passionate to see lives transformed by encountering Jesus through His Word. Her writing has been recognized by two separate national and international writing awards seeking to identify today’s best upcoming Christian writers. She writes for a variety of international groups and her expository, Bible study series is being published by Write Integrity Press. Her speaking in podcasts, radio, and live events, has been described as engaging, deeply biblical, and reliably Christ-centred. AMOS - Come Awake! may be available for groups/ churches to order in bulk during this pandemic. Please contact Andrea for details.

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I will walk about in freedom for I have sought out your precepts.

Psalm 119:45

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