Come Awake!

Welcome to AMOS – a book that jolts the church from her spiritual slumber and demands a clear response. An earthquake was only two years away and God knocked on the hearts of His people to let Him in and let Him reign. The alarming irony? God’s people were outwardly flourishing  – thriving worship, growing numbers, seeming religious vigor. Yet inwardly they nurtured sin and became complacent in the comfort of mass company. AMOS – Come Awake!  is a bold call for today’s church to stop faking and allow God’s reshaping. To restore its relationship with God and one another. To renounce sin and walk in holiness. God’s heart-cry echoes across the centuries and into our modern homes and churches – Seek Me and live! While His message has been sent, one question still remains – Have we listened?

Amos – Come Awake! was designed as a 6 week study that can be completed faster or slower depending on small group/ church preferences.   


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Hi, I’m Andrea – welcome to my book landing page. I'm a wife and mom. A Canadian. A woman with typical hopes and struggles. I have a Masters of Science and once focused on therapeutic practice, but I’ve always been a Bible thinker who’s liked to dig deep for theological wisdom, grasp the reason behind practice, and discover the God who gave the reason. I love discussions about real truth meeting the real you-and-me in real life situations. His Word is so powerful because He’s the only One trustworthy to offer true hope and redemption for our eternal futures and everyday realities. Here you'll find some links to my latest Bible studies and some fun article and podcast extras.

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I will walk about in freedom for I have sought out your precepts.

Psalm 119:45

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